Dragonfly Dreams Retreat Center
120 W Lyon Ave
Lake City, MN 55041
Call: 651-345-2764
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  • Dragonfly Dreams was created with quilters and scrapbookers in mind.  
  • However, the beautiful and spacious facility is a great place for artistic or crafting
  • groups, business meetings, seminars, spiritual retreats, family reunions, showers,
  • get away weekends.

  • How much work space is there for each person to work?
  • Each person has a 30" x 60" table, complete with overhead task lighting and
  • Ergonomic adjustable office chairs.
  • Accidents also happen with people.
  • There are sharp cutting systems and hot electric tools for guests to use.
  • Dragonfly Dreams Retreat Center LLC will not be responsible for injuries.