Dragonfly Dreams Retreat Center
120 W Lyon Ave
Lake City, MN 55041
Call: 651-345-2764
About us
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Dragonfly Dreams is an LLC, which was formed in
November 2006, and owned by Kathy Jo Rodester.  
Kathy Jo has over 25 years of quilting
experience with over 13 years of operating an in home
quilting business, with a 14' long arm-quilting machine.
It has been Kathy Jo's dream to own an old Victorian
Home and turn it into a Retreat Center.

Some of our other interest

Jim & Kathy Jo also collect classic cars.  Jim's passion
is finding the next Mopar for our collection.
So don't be surprised if you see one of our classics in
the driveway.

Our Life together

We were married May of 2005 after meeting on line and
dating for several years.  Because of our love for cars
we decided to change our name when we were
married, so what we did is combined our two last
names.  Jim's was Rodewald and Kathy Jo's was
Webster so we took Jim's first four letters and Kathy
Jo's last 4 letters to make Rodester (pronounced
Roadster)  We have been able to support each other in
our dreams. Jim found a sign to hang in our kitchen at
my retreat center that says:  Wish It, Dream It, Do It,
which has been our motto.